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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Repeal the ban on incandescent bulbs - Stop Fusilli light bulbs

Democrats kill jobs with light bulb ban

Martha R Gore - October 11th, 2010

Workers at a GE plant in Winchester, VA can thank the Democrats as they received their last paychecks in September 2010. More evidence of the thoughtless actions taken in Congress that has added to the unemployment rate in the United States.
Two hundred workers have been added to the millions of Americans who can no longer find jobs in the U.S. as the last plant in the country making incandescent bulbs closed its doors.

As usual, China adds jobs while more Americans are depending on food stamps to feed their families. Incandescent light bulbs were already being manufactured there and it is expected that Americans and consumers in other countries are still going to purchase them, creating jobs and helping the economy of the country that is already overtaking the U.S. in some manufacturing capacities.

In 2007 the arrogant members of Congress passed legislation the ordered the phrasing out of incandescent light bulbs. The 100-watt bulbs in 2012 and the 40 watt in 2014 would no longer meet the efficiency requirements dictated by law. In response, GE decided to close the plant in Winchester.

The reality is Americans don’t like much like the compact fluorescent lights (CFL) that are being forced upon them even if they save electricity. But even if they did, China can produce CFLs cheaper than can be produced in the U.S. because of lower labor costs.

Depending upon the results of the 2010 general election, if the Republicans take over the House and Senate, there is some evidence that the ban will be overturned. Three Republican members of Congress—Joe Barton, Marsha Blackburn and Michael Burgess, have introduced a bill that would repeal the ban on incandescent bulbs.

As Obama/Pelosi/Reid continue insisting on turning America into a “nanny state”, how many more factories will close and workers added to the unemployment roles?


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