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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Which gun laws to repeal first?

Safer Streets 2010: Which gun laws to repeal first? - Los Angeles gun rights | Examiner.com

John Longenecker

    In my Safer Streets Newsletter, I'm posting how and why we need to talk to non-gun owners before the election. I'm joined today by fellow liberty writers David Codrea, our friends at the Tenth Amendment Center again and Michelle Malkin. You can opt-in to the Newsletter here.

    If we're going to talk about the repeal of gun laws, I'm sure it's not going to happen all at once. (If only... if only...) Which gun laws ought to be repealed first? How about these?

    1. A nationwide concealed carry which is either a repeal of concealed carry regulation or a national reciprocity for a concealed carry permit. I don't care which, it's a start. Ultimately, the second amendment is the only concealed carry law we need, if only it were respected. But gun laws did not come into being overnight, they won't be vanquished overnight. (If only... if only ...)

    2. No gun regulation by type. I've written several times that there is no such thing as sensible gun regulation. It does not fight crime in the sense of how and where violence is really fought; it only makes people de facto criminals, and that is not an administration of justice in a free society, is it? What we are voting for this November is to unseat this very kind of subjugation, and it is why and where we need to repeal gun laws as the first step to a smaller government.

    3. Configuration of weapons. Yes, guns are weapons, and free people are armed with weapons. What makes people free is that they are not required to wait for official intervention in lieu of acting in their own interests in the immediacy of a time of violence. The assertion of and the official recognition of citizen authority already present within every person is going to fight crime better than an exclusivity of after-the-fact agencies. The best solution is, of course, both. The free citizen, however, cannot operate freely in time of violence nor be adequately prepared for local disaster if his choices of weapons and fixtures are so arbitrarily limited by agencies a priori.

    4. The repeal of who may carry and where they carry. Remember that you do not find violence, it finds you, and that happens not only everywhere, but anywhere. It happens on school grounds. It happens in airports and aboard civil aircraft, in the workplace and in the car. Repeal all gun bans in areas where thugs simply don't read the signs and bring guns and knives in anyway.

    But something else has happened: Without waiting for permission, some of these places have seen citizens interrupting violence. How can they do that? Put simply, they have the authority to do it, one of the best kept secrets of gun control. For the first time in a long time, the San Diego school shooter, the citizen who interrupted a child's kidnaping and other cases are not castigated by police, but openly praised. This brings me to item 5.

    5. A paradigm shift in official perceptions of the sovereign and who has the monopoly on all lethal force. In America, law enforcement answers to the electorate and officials who command them answer to the electorate. The Military is also subject to civilian oversight, and follows the Commander-in-Chief. But not only is the Military answerable to civilian oversight, so is the Command-in-Chief!

    Militias, on the other hand, are not bound to answer to the Commander-in-chief, and are not affiliated with our armed forces. In order for the country to work right again, officials need to respect our sovereignty much more, and that will begin with respecting the lethal force which rightfully belonged to us exclusively long before we delegated some of it to servants. We got along fairly well for generations before an organized police force or National Guard. We never delegated all of it, only enough for servants to do the jobs we hire them to do, and we need officials to understand this.

    Until that hour, all gun laws are an interference with the sovereign in this country. All gun laws challenge the supreme authority of the sovereign in this country, and are culpable as groundwork for further depredation of the electorate.

    This November, remember that you are voting for independence from many such predatory programs, and that individual freedom began with the law that made the people the sovereign and the officials our servants. This has not changed, it has only been obfuscated and defied.

    For more, see Safer Streets 2010 the e-book before the November election. Available atAmazon.com Kindle Store and also publisher direct.

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